Belkin BOOST UP Qi Wireless Charging Universal Car Mount - Black

Sale price$69.99


This in-car charging vent mount delivers fast wireless power to your smartphone and is compatible with Apple and Samsung fast wireless charging capabilities. Secure arms grip the phone, so it maintains proximity to the wireless charger for consistent and reliable fast wireless charging. Get a power boost while using GPS, taking hands-free calls, and more. Compatible with Samsung and Apple fast wireless charging standards, charge your Samsung device at 9W or your iPhone at 7.5. Certified compatible with any Qi-enabled device, just place your phone in the arm mounts for an instant power boost. Keep your phone within view and handy navigation apps within reach with your phone conveniently displayed at your vent. Arm grips hold devices in place, even on bumpy roads, so you get an uninterrupted charge. When your phone gets too hot, charging will slow, or even shut down. By mounting to the vent, a cool airflow keeps your phone at the ideal temperature for fast wireless charging.


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